• 12ADT is the key ingredient in mipsagargin, Inspyr’s lead investigational agent.
  • 12ADT is derived from Thapsigargin, a powerful cytotoxin derived from the poisonous Thapsia garganica plant that grows mainly in the Mediterranean.



  • Mipsagargin is a prodrug – converting to an active form only within the tumor.
  • 12ADT is coupled to a peptide that helps solubilize the prodrug and keeps it inactive until peptide is removed.
  • Mipsagargin targets prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), an enzyme that is expressed on the surface of prostate-cancer cells and on tumor-associated blood vessels in other tumor types.


  • The peptide is removed by the tumor enzyme at the target site.
  • Designed to be activated only within the tumor, it provides greater anti-tumor activity and minimizes side effects.
  • Inspyr’s peptides are patent-protected and developed based on extensive research by Scientific Advisory Board members.