The mechanism of action employed in Inspyr's lead investigational agent, mipsagargin, is unique in the way it destroys tumors. Our research has established proof-of-concept for the use of this innovative platform technology across a spectrum of drugs that precisely target different cancers.

Mipsagargin consists of 12ADT, a thapsigargin derivative, coupled to a peptide cap that not only helps solubilize the prodrug but renders the prodrug inactive until the peptide cap is removed.

The peptide cap recognizes and is removed by an enzyme highly expressed on the surface of tumor vasculature and directly on prostate and lung cancer cells. The enzyme dissolves the peptide cap, releasing the active agent, 12ADT, only within the tumor environment bringing about cell death.

This patented platform technology provides greater anti-tumor activity and minimizes side effects commonly observed with other therapies.